International Trade: Romania and Central & Eastern Europe

Our business addresses those involved in international trade and interested in trading with Romania and other countries in Central & Eastern Europe. We are market entry specialists and we provide support to EU and non-EU businesses committed to doing business in this region.
The British Romanian Consultancy was set up in 2011 with the purpose to help EU and non-EU businesses trade with Romania. While Romania remains the core of our business, starting the autumn of 2015 we set up strategic partnerships to meet the demand for support from international businesses looking to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe as well, particularly Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia.

How we help you

Together with our strong team of highly experienced consultants we help you gain access to prospective business partners and information that otherwise you wouldn`t have been able to come by. We help you as well assess what chances of success your product/service have on your chosen markets. We are a very good source to improve your knowledge of the competitive environment and your marketing strategy on your chosen market.

What you can expect from us

Top quality market research recommending clear directions to follow.
Warm leads, who are really interested in your product/service/project and who will be open to explore the possibility of becoming your trusted partners in Romania.
Clear guidance and advice for those who need to overcome a particular problem or difficulty with a legal or procedural issue (Romania only).

We are professional and trustworthy!

Why would you trust us? Our clients see us being flexible, smooth and reliable, the cooperation with us is valued as time-saving and the personal approach gives them the confidence of working with someone quicker and more hands on than a larger organisation could be. Our average of over 80% successful leads ensures your investment is worthwhile, as costly mistakes are avoided. Please visit our Testimonials page.

Work directly with a Market Expert

Lorela Broucher is a Certified International Trade Advisor, Certified Researcher and advisor with accredited knowledge & understanding of global trade, import & export.

Get in Touch

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Working with Global
Brands to operate in emerging Markets

  • Brands we have worked with

    “On behalf of my co-directors, I would like to thank you for your significant input in helping us get on the right track to achieve our objectives in Romania.

    We had met with little success in establishing links in Romania, prior to contacting you, and since then, things have moved at a far greater pace.”

    Ian Wright, Director - SC Project Goodlife Property Investment SRL

  • Brands we have worked with

    “Dear Lorela, we write to thank you for your services provided to assist our Sales Drive for Export Orders in Romania.  We are happy to say you were most helpful and useful and a great addition to our own efforts in this area.  We are happy to recommend you to any other company or individual looking to develop business in Romania”.

    M.K. Maslen MRICS - Business Development Director, MIF Distribution Ltd

  • Brands we have worked with

    “We are pleased with their work as 80% of the leads they provided were interested in our products. The British Romanian Consultancy can connect companies with potential clients. The information we got from them was thorough as well and it gave us a good initial overview about the aspects we were interested in on the Romanian market.”

    Parafix Ltd, UK

  • “As a proactive group, South London Export Club holds regular meetings on international topics. Lorela gave us one of the best presentations. We have heard an excellent  dissertation on Romania, its culture history and the numerous opportunities for UK business’s, answering questions with real authority.”

    Bryan Treherne MBE, Chairman, South London Export Club

  • “Lorela is a cross border commerce expert who’s also effective, knowledgeable, reliable with the bonus of being a pleasure to work with!  We asked Lorela Broucher to compile an opportunity briefing paper on both probable market entry issues for us to consider & some possible entry routes into the Romanian market. This was for a new to market device from the USA.  Both our USA based CEO and I felt we received a very fair and effective piece of research considering the constraints we’d placed upon her: As is so often the case, it had to be on a tight budget and timescale yet she delivered on time and on budget.  I therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the British Romanian Consultancy to other exporters.”

    Paul Maslin – Director of International Business, Buxton Products UK Ltd, Leeds

  • “They (The British Romanian Consultancy) are smooth and reliable, we have had a time-saving cooperation!”

    EU (Slovak) food producer

  • “The seminar Lorela delivered was of very high quality. Lorela’s knowledge and understanding of the business environment in Romania was superb. The seminar gave many of our clients the confidence to pursue business in Romania and passed on vital knowledge to help them succeed. I would have no hesitation in recommending The British Romanian Consultancy and its services.”

    Laura Howard – Head of International Trade & Information, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce

  • “With her knowledge and experience of Romania, Lorela has been a valuable information link to the members and non-members of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber. In addition her expertise was appreciated by those clients accessing the services of the Enterprise Europe Network in the East Midlands. Both organizations are organizing a Market Visit to Romania towards the end of March 2011 and as of mid March seventeen representatives will be participating.In the long term Lorela will be an important ally in assisting both communities in Romania and the UK develop their International Trade activities.”

    David Hood, Head of International Trade and Information, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce